Once upon a time in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a gentleman brought his dog, Cappy to the puppy lodge to be boarded. While he took many business trips, he wanted Cappy to be happy and on vacation while he was gone. 
Everyday that Cappy was boarded, he frolicked in the sun and barked at the neighboring chickens of the farm nearby.  He enjoyed himself so much that he almost didn't want to go home when his owner came to home from business trips.  For years, Cappy enjoyed his vacations at the kennel.
One day Cappy couldn't get up to go outside anymore.  He didn't want to eat and his eyes showed the pain he couldn't express any other way. So Cappy's best friend called his veterinarian for one last house call.

The next call made was to the puppy lodge to ask a very special favor for his cherished companion. he asked to have Cappy buried at his favorite playground, the puppy lodge, so that he could be surrounded by friends.
After Cappy was laid to rest, one client after another requested burial for their beloved furry, feathered and scaled family members at what is now known as Pet Lawn, Inc.

Until finally, 65 years later, a veterinarian decided to make Pet Lawn a destination for another part of the journey our pets and we share. Making Pet Lawn a memorial park for peace and tranquility...
The human-animal bond is stronger than many human-human bonds. Pet Lawn is a place of serenity to say farewell, memorialize and celebrate the bond.

    Private and Gentle Pickup Service

Silk Floral Bouquets

In-home Pet Euthanasia

Compassionate advice from veterinary perspective

   At-Pet Lawn Pet Euthanasia

Grounds open 9:00AM-Sunset

All communal/group cremations performed at Pet Lawn are scattered in our memorial garden. The memorial garden is a peaceful spot in the middle of the cemetery, found next to the steps to the upper cemetery.

We are proudly using a product from Let Your Love Grow, which provides all ashes scattered in the garden an eco-friendly interment. Flowers can be planted there in nutrient-rich earth in memory of our departed.

Donations for maintenance and upkeep of the cemetery grounds (including the new garden) help it stay beautiful, peaceful and comforting for years to come.

 All are welcome to scatter their pet's ashes in our memorial garden after a private cremation. We only ask that the ground is not frozen when scattered. Pet Lawn is private property where we have a special permit to have ashes on the property. Wisconsin law prohibits the scattering of cremains/ashes on public land.

At Pet Lawn, we treat your pets like the valued family members they are. All pets are handled with complete dignity. While buildings and gardens are being remodeled and cleaned up, all pets buried in the cemetery will NOT be disturbed from their final resting place.

Pet Lawn, Inc.

Owner Dr. Kristen Rowe, DVM


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